Wellness Plan

Launch Your Wellness Program. Provide Information and Set Up Campaigns.

NIS will provide you and your wellness committee with a variety of guides to get your wellness program off the ground. We can also provide you with monthly newsletters as well as specific turnkey campaigns promoting health goals such as quitting smoking, walking, fitness, or weight loss. These turnkey campaigns come with ready-made emails, posters, paycheck stuffers, scoring, and more.

Add Carrier-Provided Medical Screenings.

In addition with the newsletters, campaigns, and guides,you can add wellness services your health insurance carrier is likely to provide such as health coaching, screenings (health evaluations based on paper or online questionnaires), challenges, and workshops/webinars.

Add Biometrics

Using a third party organization or your medical carrier, you can provide employees with annual Health Risks Assessments via a blood draw. Not only will this provide employees with valuable information about their health, your organization can be provided with an aggregate report. This report will tell you where to direct your campaigns (i.e. smoking cessation, exercise, etc.)

Take Your Program to the Next Level by Adding a Wellness Program Partner

Now that you have your screenings, biometrics, and campaigns to address problem areas, you can take your program to another level by working with one of our wellness program partners who can provide services including life and health coaching.

Install an On-Site or Near-Site Wellness Clinic

An on-site clinic provides care for employees right at their work site location. Smaller employers may join together and establish a near-site clinic. Depending upon the choice of clinic provider, free or reduced cost services may include: acute, occupational, primary care, routine laboratory work, pharmacy and even dental, chiropractic, or vision services.

A Guide to Employer Managed Care: On-Site Clinics and Wellness Centers


There’s got to be a better way of managing employee healthcare!

Many frustrated school, city, and county employers, both large and small, are taking matters into their own hands and are moving away from the failed business model of the current healthcare system.

Find out why these employers are proving that they can manage their employees’ healthcare requirements at a lower cost and with better outcomes than traditional medicine by turning toward employer-managed care options.

Download our whitepaper today and learn:

  • The benefits of having an on-site or near-site clinic
  • How to find funding for an on-site clinic
  • How on-site clinics enable employers to manage employees’ health costs
  • Advantages and disadvantages of three different types of on-site clinics
  • How the City if Clearwater, Florida reduced office visits by 27%
  • How the City of Tampa, Florida generated 1.9% savings in 5 months

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Onsite Clinics Guide