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November 4, 2016
Walking the World Challenge – Week 3 – How is your team doing?
November 9, 2016
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Walking the World Challenge ….Week 2 … How far did we walk?

We are in the Groove!

Awesome Job on Week Two!

A new member joined, some teams/groups were re-aligned, and a new team was added this week.
The teams are going South and we hope each team can get to Florida before the contest ends!

Congratulations to our newest Team 14!
You made it to Evanston, IL with 69 miles

Valparaiso, IN – 153 to 160 total miles
Holy-Walk-A-Moley, Team 6 and Walker, Texas, Ranger

Bass Lake, IN – 172 to 179 total miles
Team 2, Team 9, NIS Angels and We Thought They Said RUM

Star City, IN- 184 to 190 total miles
Team 3 and Witness the Fitness (which are in a TIE for total miles) and Team 11

Kokomo, IN– 220 total miles
Twisted Blisters

NIS Total – 2,015 total miles – Way to GO!

We started in Akron, OH and, as promised, the first stop for the whole NIS team was the Washington, PA office.  Then, we visited Pittsburgh, PA. From there, we hit New York, NY, Washington DC and ended up in Virginia Beach, VA. What a week!



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