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May 4, 2017
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May 4, 2017
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Running with Han…

Running with Han

Is it better to run on the treadmill or run outside?

Han, our featured runner responded “Run outside and here are the top three reasons why….”

1. You’ll build more muscle.

Fact is, the treadmill is mostly running for you as you jump in place. Sure you lift your leg in front of you, but after you drop it to the mill, it’s the machine that moves it underneath you. Running outside will force your glutes to do more of that work. Add hills and steps to the run, and you’ll be building not only your butt, but more of your legs and your core.

2. You’ll burn more calories.

“Outdoors, you are changing surfaces constantly, fighting the wind, and making quick and sudden starts and stops, which all lead to increased caloric burn,” says physical therapist Michael Silverman, director of rehabilitation and wellness at Northern Westchester Hospital.1 Plus, once you leave the climate controlled indoors, you will be burning extra calories just to regulate your body temperature.

3. You’ll have more energy.

There’s no contest here. Research from the University of Exeter in the U.K. shows that when people run outdoors, they enjoy a significantly greater energy boost and drop in tension, anger, and depression compared to when they run indoors. Every run is a new adventure: changes in the seasons bring new plants, animals and especially other athletes to stimulate the senses and invigorate your workout!

But, before you go running in the great outdoors, exercise some caution (pun intended):

  • Know your route before you leave and play it safe. Consider running with a friend or joining a running club to add both motivation and safety. Getting lost will not only increase adrenalin, it may ruin your training schedule and exhaust you for your next workout!
  • If you’re just venturing off that treadmill, start slowly on the pavement. You’ll be using your muscles in ways unfamiliar, on unpredictable ground. Don’t expect to maintain the same pace outside as you did inside. Your first few runs (at least) should be shorter in duration to give your body and mind time to get used to the new experience. Consider starting on softer terrain, like grass or a sand track to get up to speed.
  • Make sure your legs are strong enough to carry you forward – Here are 5 exercises to strengthen your lower legs click here

And don’t forget to wear your NIS glow in the dark bracelet so you won’t be roadkill.

Do you have a question for Han? Please email NIS Wellness and we will make sure he gets it!

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