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Rio Marathon…

Rio Marathon

As many of you may know, I love to travel and running is a perfect reason to see the world.  I decided to run all seven continents and Rio was my first marathon out of the country.

My training was great thanks to the support of the Systems team, they kept me motivated by agreeing to run/bike themselves, for a certain amount of miles each week.  We decided that if someone did not meet the requirement, then he would be responsible to provide a “healthy” snack (frozen custard) for the entire team –  (let just say, we had Kopps custard quite often during those months) – I admit that I changed my schedule a few times but that’s what runners do – we have to be flexible with our training schedule.

Rio is considered one of the most beautiful runs and I am glad I had a chance to run the course.  As for the run day – I was prepared for the marathon mentally, but physically I was not due to the temperature and the humidity.  It was a tough run – I got cramped at mile 10 so I constantly had to keep myself hydrated with water and Gatorade, and did run/walk/run.  It was tough but I DID IT!!!

Just remember, it’s not about the time but the accomplishment and having fun.


Han - Rio Marathon





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