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Join the Turducken Dash!

Join Us for 3 chances to
WIN a $40 Grocery Certificate!


  1. The person with the most steps in each group at the end of each week will win a $40 Grocery Certificate.
  2. The person with the most active minutes at the end of each week from all groups will win a $40 Grocery Certificate.
  3. Daily Goal Raffle – If you reach your daily goal 5 out of 7 days, you will be entered in a drawing for all groups. Two winners will be pulled each week (Note: If you already won, you will not be entered into the raffle).


Tuesday, November 6th—Monday, November 19th

Activity Levels

Join one of the challenges in your activity level below:

  1. JOIN Green Bean Casserole (A Walk in the Park) – Average steps up to 7,000
  2. JOIN Sweet Potatoes (Hit Your Stride) – Average steps 7,001 – 10,000
  3. JOIN Cranberry Sauce (Movers and Shakers) – Average Steps 10,001 – 15,000
  4. JOIN Pumpkin Pies (Power Walkers) – Average Steps 15,001 and up

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Turducken Dash now!

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