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Wellness programs promote healthy lifestyles to employees and their families. Examples of wellness programming include health education classes, subsidized use of fitness facilities, internal policies that promote healthy behavior and any other activity, policy or environmental change that affects the health of employees.

Your NIS Consultant can help you plan your wellness program ranging from basic to comprehensive. Many programs require a minimal investment of time and money. More substantial programs often use more resources, but the many benefits to supporting and encouraging employee health and wellness generally outweigh the costs.

NIS Wellness Plans Options


NIS Wellness Resources (customized based on client’s health plan utilization reports)

  • Guidance document/s: Setting up a wellness program
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Specific turn-key campaigns such as walking, physical fitness, weight loss, etc.
  • No cost for NIS Proactive Benefits Consulting clients.

NIS Wellness Resources + Medical Carrier Resources

All NIS resources from option #1 plus integration with medical carrier resources

  • Health coaching
  • Health screenings
  • Challenges
  • Seminars

NIS Wellness Resources + Health Risk Assessments

All NIS resources from option #1 plus

  • Health Risk Assessments done either by survey or blood draw (biometrics)
  • Medical carrier charges: vary per carrier
  • Independent wellness vendor charges: $50-$75 per employee

Independent Wellness Vendor

All NIS resources from option #1 plus

  • Health Risk Assessments (survey or blood draw)
  • Aggregate Health Risk Assessment reports
  • Life/nurse coaching
  • Approximate cost: $75 per employee

On-site/Near-site Clinic

All NIS resources from option #1 plus

  • Coordinate wellness plan through clinic
  • Well visits at little to no cost
  • Cost varies depending on chosen clinic model

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