Full Benefit Consulting Services

Improving the Way School Districts and Governmental Organizations Manage Employee Benefits

School district and governmental employee benefits are changing. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), sweeping political changes, and the influx of new workers as seasoned employees leave, school districts and other public sector employers are faced with new challenges like never before. No one person or even one department can know all there is to know about benefits, benefit sustainability and managing compliance. You need a team on your side to handle it for you.


All the Experts You Need Under One Roof

National Insurance Services (NIS) is your team of school district and local governmental employee benefit experts whose experience spans over five decades. We are on top of the latest healthcare trends, solutions and strategies; but, more importantly, in touch with the political atmosphere, budgetary constraints and negotiations so unique to your world. We understand how you work.

For example, we don’t just give you checklists and “to-dos” –  we will actually partner with you at the negotiating table or boardroom, or, if you prefer, provide a list of talking points for your board. Whether it’s Health, Disability, ACA, 403(b), HRA, OPEB Trusts or any employee benefit no matter how large or small, we’ve got an expert on hand at your service. We will even pour over your contracts to find ways to save that you didn’t even know existed.

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Proven Track Record: 97% of Our Customers Renew Their Contracts with Us Every Year

This statistic speaks for itself. No one else can say that. When it comes down to it, our customers renew because they get the pricing and service they expect. You need a partner. NIS is the partner you are looking for.

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The Benefit Management Plan: We put our promises in writing

Just like anyone can bring you the lowest price, anyone can promise you the world. But have they delivered? We put all our promises down on paper in our Benefit Management Plan. All responsibilities are outlined including scheduled completion dates. You can see if we are doing what we promised at any time in black and white.

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