Employee Education

We hear it every day. School, city and county benefits are changing: ACA, changing bargaining rights, aging workforce, etc. Now more than ever, employees must understand their benefits in order to be wise consumers. The heyday of zero deductibles and unlimited coverage are gone. And for some, it’s culture shock. Communication and education are key to understanding the value of today’s employee benefits, but you have enough on your hands.

Our NIS consulting team will help you tackle your employee communication challenges. Together we will set up an employee education calendar, and then you and your employees will receive your newsletters and information automatically according to that schedule. We will even connect you to an online portal where you can search our content library for everything from A to Z.

Below are the types of custom communications we offer – with a few samples included.

Custom Online Videos

Our customized online videos are a great way for employees to learn about a current or new benefit offering. Videos can be accessed at home or work – when the employee has the time to view them.

Examples of past videos:

Healthcare Reform Information

Employees want to know about the changes that are taking place because of the ACA, such as women’s preventative care, exchange notices, rights and protections, the age 26 rule, W2 reporting, etc. We make it easy by providing you with newsletters you can email to your employees at any time. We can even provide a free live seminar for your retirees to teach them about the Health Insurance Exchange and assist them with exploring health insurance alternatives.

Retiree Resource: Health Insurance Exchange Assistance: A free service to help your early retirees and non-benefit eligible employees explore viable Health Insurance alternatives

Wellness Materials

Want to promote wellness in the workplace but not sure where to start? For no fee, we will provide your employees with a variety of wellness plan materials that include tips, tools, recipes and articles about healthy living and wellness. Includes posters, newsletters, videos, etc. More on NIS’s Wellness services

Benefit Education

Give your employees the tools they need to make informed decisions about electing their employee benefits. Benefit communications include memos, flyers, payroll stuffers, posters and articles used to announce benefit changes, introduce new benefits or plans, or to help employees understand and use certain benefits. We can even provide you with your own Spokeskids website  that educates your employees on the value of saving with a 403(b)/401(a) plan.

Early Retiree Resources

Educating retirees on their benefits is a challenge even for experienced benefits managers. We understand and can assist you in many different ways. Our retiree Spokeskids program allows you to have your own website where retirees can watch videos and learn about their sick leave payout plans or health reimbursement plans.

We can even provide a free live seminar for your retirees to teach them about the Health Insurance Exchange and assist them with exploring health insurance alternatives.

NIS Customer Portal

When you are a NIS Proactive Benefits customer, you will receive exclusive access to our online, on-demand content library.

Learn more about the NIS Customer Portal.

Total Compensation Statements

NIS can provide templated benefit statement items such as total compensation statement packets and a summary of an employee’s benefits package, including salary and benefits.

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