About National Insurance Services

School District and Governmental Employer Specialists: All the Experts You Need Under One Roof

Since 1969, schools and other public organization’s benefit plans have been our exclusive focus at NIS. We are trusted by over 2,500 public sector organizations and 500,000 insured individuals in 29 states. In addition, as many as 600 school districts, cities and counties have entrusted our Retirement Income Division with over 700 million dollars in deposits on behalf of employees and retirees. Whether it’s Health, Disability, ACA, 403(b), HRA/HSAs or any employee benefit no matter how large or small, we have a public employer expert on hand at your service. All of this on top of personalized one-on-one account management that is unsurpassed in the industry.

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In the late 1960’s, Terry Briscoe, National Insurance Services (NIS) founder, recognized that Wisconsin’s teachers lacked adequate financial protection when faced with disability. Terry’s efforts resulted in the creation of the Schools Insurance Fund, a trust whose sole purpose was to meet school employees’ disability needs. In 1979, Tom Ehrsam joined NIS and soon Schools Insurance Fund was serving school districts in several states. It wasn’t long before NIS began filling the void in insurance programs for cities, counties and other governmental employers.

Today, NIS’ focus remains solely on the products and services that meet schools, cities, counties and municipalities’ unique challenges and issues.

Values to Live and Work By

Every meeting at NIS starts out with reciting our core values. They are a part of everything we do. The high standards and family values we started with in 1969 provide our framework for success: ethical, team oriented, customer focused, caring and hard working. NIS’ corporate commitment to charity helps support our community through its actions, talents and resources with a focus on providing opportunity for our employees to participate.

Proven Track Record: 97% of Our Customers Renew Their Contracts with Us Every Year

This statistic speaks for itself. No one else can say that. When it comes down to it, our customers renew because they get the pricing and service they expect. So they keep coming back for more. You need a partner. NIS is the partner you are looking for.