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November 26, 2013
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November 26, 2013
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New insurance campaign asks citizens to listen to their mothers

A new insurance campaign for the Affordable Care Act is trying to boost enrollment numbers by appealing to the ultimate source of familial wisdom: Mothers, according to the New York Times. 

New television advertisements depict a number of different situations where mothers serve as the voice of reason when family members are considering buying insurance policies. One ad, funded by advocate group Organizing for Action, shows a mother and father sitting down with their son to have, “the talk,’ about health care. 

Another from a group in Colorado shows a seemingly helpless young man who calls his mother from the golf course to say, “Yo, mom, do I got insurance?”

The goal of the campaign appears to be targeting younger audiences, a major objective of the Obama administration in its quest to increase enrollment figures as an effort to offset the cost of care for older people who may have declining health and require more medical treatment. 

Currently, the goal carries the especially heavy burden of signing up younger citizens, between ages 18 and 35,  as they account for 40 percent of the 41 million uninsured Americans, according to the Obama administration. 

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Erin Woulfe
Erin Woulfe
Erin Woulfe likes to write about things that matter. Keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the public sector world, she blogs about the latest legislative news and employee benefit trends that affect our school, city and county clients. She’s been with NIS since 2002. “I love connecting to our clients and providing them with the tools they need in order to administrate their plan,” says Erin. “Whether that be materials to educate their employees on certain benefits, how to effectively communicate change within an organization or just providing tips and how-to’s to help them make their job easier.”

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