Video Series: Restructuring Your Early Retiree Benefits: How to restructure your retiree benefits while still honoring past commitments!

Part 1: History of Post-Employment Benefit Practices

3:27 minutes

  • The Historical Purpose of post-employment benefits
  • The benefit bridge to Medicare
  • GASB & OPEB liabilities

Part 2: The Solution

9:02 minutes

  • Why school districts are turning to defined benefit plans
  • Reduce unfunded retiree benefits and encourage active employee retention at the same time!
  • Considerations when moving to a defined contribution plan

Part 3: Retiree Alternatives

6:22 minutes

  • How implicit rate subsidy can drive up health insurance premiums
  • Why providing alternative options for retirees is better for you… and them!
  • What happens if retirees go back to work