Cutest Baby Contest & Match Game
Cutest Baby Contest & Match Game
April 26, 2018
Q3 Review & United Way Month
September 26, 2018
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What’s on tap for Q3…

The CCC and the Wellness Committee are pleased to announce a joint venture this quarter in support of Alzheimer’s Association, Southeastern Wisconsin chapter.  Alzheimer’s and Dementia affects 5.7 million Americans, including many loved ones of NIS employees. In honor of those affected, the CCC and the Wellness Committee will be hosting a variety of challenges that will promote physical and mental fitness as well as raise funds for the organization, but we can’t do it without your help.


Alzheimer’s Association Kickoff Event

Join us July 26th at 10:30 for our Kickoff Event! Jen Harders of the Alzheimer’s Association will be in the Main Conference room to discuss the organization and how our dollars will assist the mission. Also, donuts!


Fit Stanley and the Journey to End Alzheimer’s

An NIS employee recently had a parent succumb to complications due to Alzheimer’s. In his honor, we will be hosting a “golf challenge”. In the celebration hall, you will see a large paper golf course on the wall and Fit Stanley will be waiting to tee off. By enrolling in the Journey to End Alzheimer’s Challenge through Stridekick, Fit Stanley will progress through each hole of golf using the whole participant group step count. Every 350,000 steps will equal one hole. Each hole will be sponsored by an individual or group (see details about becoming a sponsor below). If we reach all 18 holes by September 4th, the CCC and Wellness Committee will host a pizza party for all Stridekick participants. The pizza party will be held Wednesday, September 12th and all dietary restrictions will be considered.


Becoming a Sponsor

We are looking for volunteers to sponsor each golf hole on Fit Stanley’s course. The minimum sponsorship for an individual will be $25 and for more than two people the minimum will be $50. There is no maximum amount to pledge, but all pledged amounts must be included at the time of sponsorship. Individual employees, employees, and their families, groups of employees or whole departments are encouraged to sponsor a hole. If you would like to sponsor in tribute to someone affected by Alzheimer’s, including that person’s name and favorite destination. The information can be as detailed or as vague as you wish and will be put on the board along with your sponsorship. Please note, the sponsorship and tribute can also be done anonymously if that is preferred. Participation in Stridekick is not required to sponsor a golf hole. Please return all completed sponsorship forms (either the digital or paper copy) and pledge payments to Dana Herdeman.


Join the Journey to End Alzheimer’s Challenge

To have your steps counted in the Journey to End Alzheimer’s, be sure to join the Wellness Committee’s challenge through Stridekick. Employees are not required to have a Fitbit purchased through NIS, or a fitness tracker at all. Join the challenge and enter your steps manually, if you don’t have a fitness tracker. Keep an eye out for your Stridekick invitation to join the journey!


2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

We will also be participating in the 2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Frame Park in Waukesha on September 8th. It is free to register to join the team, so sign up today here. For every $10 that is pledged to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s National Insurance Services team page, Fit Stanley placards will go up around our Journey to End Alzheimer’s golf course.


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