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January 29, 2019
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July 12, 2019
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Quarter 2 Fundraising: Flood Relief in the Plains

flood relief

Quarter 1 Round-Up

During quarter one, the CCC focused our efforts on fundraising for Greater Waukesha Literacy. Our goal was to raise $250 in employee donations as well as 220 Dr. Seuss books. We raised over $275 in employee donations and donated 133 Dr. Seuss books. We are thrilled that we met our fundraising goal and hope to be able to meet our non-cash donation goals in the coming quarters. Thank you for your donations and support!

Quarter 2

Severe weather continues to slam the plains, disrupting lives and devasting communities. As of March 20th, damages are estimated at $1.4 billion in Nebraska alone. With another Bomb Cyclone descending on the area this week, those damages are expected to grow.

The CCC had been looking for a way to assist in the recovery efforts for the region when an organization came to us. Nebraska Council of School Administrators is an organization that works closely with our Central Region. This organization has decided to administer a fund that will be distributed to affected school districts in the area. We are excited to raise funds to assist those in the area who will so desperately need assistance now and in the coming weeks and months.

What are we doing?

We are planning a variety of events, so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Placards on sale April 15th – June 14th

We will be selling placards for $5 each to build a wall of sandbags in the celebration hallway. We have an overall goal of 400 placards, but…

  • If we sell at least 200 placards by May 15th then we also sell vacation day raffle tickets.
  • If we sell 400 placards by June 15th, we will sell raffle tickets for another vacation day!

Vacation Day Raffle May 16th – 22nd and June 17th – June 21st

As mentioned above, we have two vacation days to raffle off, but only if we meet our placard sale goals. Vacation day raffle tickets will be $5 and will be sold as follows:

  • If 200 placards are sold by May 15th: Vacation Day raffle tickets will be sold May 16 – 22 with the winner drawn at 2:30 pm on May 22nd.
  • If 200 more placards are sold by June 14th (putting our total placard sales above 400): Vacation Day raffle tickets will be sold June 17 – June 21 with the winner drawn at 2:30 pm on June 21st.

Walking Taco Luncheon

We will be hosting a Walking Taco Luncheon on May 16th at 11:30 am in the main conference room. Tickets can be purchased the day of or ahead of time. $3 for one walking taco (one bag of chips) or $5 for two!

*tickets for all items may be purchased from Amy Knitter, Casey Kobylinski, Courtney Johnson or Dana Herdeman*

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