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July 18, 2018
United Way Month – Results of the PB&J Kickoff Event
October 8, 2018
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Q3 Review & United Way Month

It may seem like it went by in the blink of an eye, but summer has gone and with it our Quarter III fundraising efforts for the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. Thanks to our partnership with the Wellness Committee, we were able to get quite a few steps in (8,145,025 to be exact!!) and raise $2,980 from employee donations. With our NIS match, we will donate a total of $5,490 to the Alzheimer’s Association! Thank you for all your participation and hard work!

United Way Month
October is just around the corner and we all know what that means – United Way month! Check out events we have planned. You’ll see some old favorites and some new events. With any luck, there will be a little something for everyone!

Kickoff Service Event – New this year! October 4th
We have traditionally kicked off our giving campaigns with a speaker from a United Way funded agency. This year, we thought we’d be more hands on. In lieu of a speaker, we will be hosting an on-site service project where we will be making sandwiches to benefit a United Way agency. Please join us Thursday, October 4th at 10 am in a team race to make the most sandwiches. We will divide all participants into teams and the game is on! The team who makes the specified number of sandwiches first wins tickets for our raffle items! Please sign up on the sheet outside the break room. *note: hourly employees are not required to clock out to participate.

Vacation Day (October 1st – 12th)
A classic with a twist! This year we will be raffling off one vacation day, however, we will not be selling tickets. To enter the raffle, employees will be required to fill out a United Way pledge form. Pledge forms will be handed out with individual envelopes – simply return the completed pledge in a sealed envelope and receive one ticket (limit one per employee). Completed (sealed) pledge forms may be returned to Amy Knitter, Casey Kobylinski, Dana Herdeman or Kayla Rand. If you are in one of the regional offices and would like to participate, please reach out directly to Dana Herdeman. Pledge forms and envelopes will be on your desks when you arrive Monday, October 1st and the final drawing will be Friday, October 12th at 2:30.

Raffle Items (October 8th – October 19th)
Back from hiatus, we will be raffling off several items from gift cards to some boozy gift packages brought to us by Badger Liquor. Join us in the main conference room at 2 pm on October 19th when we announce the winners! Tickets will be $2 each and will go on sale October 8th. Tickets may be purchased from Amy Knitter, Casey Kobylinski, Dana Herdeman or Kayla Rand.

A Spooky Halloween Bake Sale (October 31st)

For our final event of the season, we will be hosting a Halloween bake sale on Wednesday, October 31st. Please sign up to donate a sweet treat* to sell on the sheet outside the break room.

*Halloween theme not required, but encouraged ?

Learn more about the United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County:

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