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Cutest Baby Contest & Match Game

Cutest Baby Contest & Match Game

Check out the submissions from our 2018 Cutest Baby Contest & Match Game!

Details on how to vote are below the slideshow! To navigate through the photos, hover over the image and arrows will pop up on either side of the images. Or you can click on the dots below the photos to move through them.

Cutest Baby Contest and Photo Match Game

Cutest Baby Contest – vote on the cutest photo! Vote early and often for $1/vote.

Like the pet contest, the photos will be displayed in the “celebration hallway” in the home office and via slideshow for regional offices. Instead of names, there will be numbers for each photo. Buy your tickets from Amy Knitter, Dana Herdeman or Casey Kobylinski and simply write the number on the ticket before dropping it in the box.

Photo Match Game – match the photos to your co-worker

  • For $5 employees can purchase a card to fill out, matching the baby photos to the list of names provided. These cards will be submitted to a separate box. Regional offices, if you would like to participate, reach out to Amy Knitter. Home office folks, please see Amy Knitter, Dana Herdeman or Casey Kobylinski for a game board.
  • The first 100% correct card selected at the end of the game will be the winner. If no one is 100% correct, the person with the most correct card will win. In the event of a tie, we will randomly select a winner.

  • NoteTo make it a little extra challenging for players, there are more names than there are photos – as a few of the folks listed did not, in fact, submit a photo 🙂

All proceeds benefit Easton’s Cause –  please visit their website for more information!

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