Is Self-Funding a Fit for Your School, City or County?
NIS’ Funding Assessment Will Help You Decide

Schools, cities, counties and other public employers of all sizes are moving rapidly toward self-funding as a cost-control strategy. In the past, self-funding was only something larger organizations attempted. Things have changed. How do you know if self-funding is the right way to go for your organization?

When NIS is your Benefit Consultant, we will guide you through a rigorous assessment of your health plan and make customized recommendations based on the results. Our process involves the following steps:

Step 1

Gather 3-5 years of medical and Rx claim experience from the insurance carrier.

Step 2

Review history for high claims, Rx usage trends and areas of utilization.

Evaluate the group for age, health plan participation, turnover, financial strengths and weaknesses, and risk tolerance.

Score your group on the risk spectrum and discuss in detail.

Provide a self-funding quote.

Fold in any and all stakeholders. Discuss options.

Understanding Self-Funded Vs. Fully-Insured Health Insurance Plans for Schools, Cities, and Counties.

With school, city, and county budgets stretched tightly, some are considering a switch to a self-funded health insurance plan. This change can yield many significant financial benefits.

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  • The structure of self-funded plans and their costs
  • Advantages and disadvantages of self-funded plans
  • Types of employers who self-fund
  • And more!

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