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May 22, 2017
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ER vs. Urgent Care: Help Employees Make Informed Decisions

When sudden injury or sickness strikes, do your employees know whether they should visit an urgent care clinic or the emergency room? Teaching employees how to choose the proper level of care will not only ensure prompt and adequate medical attention, it can significantly affect your bottom line when it comes to keeping your insurance plan healthy.


Urgent Care Guidelines

Employees should visit urgent care when they have a non-life-threatening injury that can’t wait for a visit to their primary care doctor. This includes minor broken bones, nausea or small cuts requiring stitches.


Emergency Room Guidelines

An emergency room is equipped to deal with life-threatening situations. This includes things like seizures, heart attack, moderate to severe burns or fractures.


How to Educate Your Employees

Download this poster, infographic and flyer. On a regular basis, post and distribute the educational materials to your employees to use as a handy reference.

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Bill Enright
Bill Enright
Bill Enright, Director of Consulting Services for National Insurance Services, Inc. (NIS), coordinates and works with NIS’ Market Development Teams to enhance our full-service employee benefits capabilities. Bill’s expertise enables the NIS team to deliver customized, innovative employee benefits plans for schools, cities, towns and counties.

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