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NIS will bring compliance issues to your attention and walk you through them.

With all the political legislative changes, bargained and non-bargained contracts, early retiree benefits … no one person can know all there is to know. Chances are your current broker or consultant has provided you with checklists and articles. And while those may address minor problems, you don’t want to read through 30 pages of compliance documents only to find it doesn’t apply to your type of organization. When you work with NIS, not only do we walk you through new compliance issues step-by-step, we translate them into your language. That is, we tell you how the new regulations affect your specific type of plan and which ones don’t apply. We can do this because our public employer experience spans over five decades! We are on top of the latest trends, solutions, and strategies just as all consultants are – but more importantly, we are in touch with the political atmosphere, budgetary constraints, and negotiations so unique to your world.


Your consultant is available at any time by phone or in person to discuss any compliance concerns.

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