Scott Fritz

Employee Benefits Consultant

Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. – Michael Jordan

Scott Fritz always has a willingness to help others, which has made him an ideal candidate for working in the public sector benefits arena throughout his career. He’s a team player and enjoys strategizing, problem solving, and finding effective cost-saving solutions for his clients.

As an Employee Benefits Consultant with National Insurance Services, Scott is responsible for the overall assessment and management of an employer’s benefit plans. He is a licensed insurance agent and works with schools, cities, counties, and community mental health organizations in Michigan and North Carolina.

Check out Scott on the Economics of Learning podcast, “Insurance Insider Speaks Up”:

This episode of Economics of Learning features Scott Fritz. He has a wealth of experience from financial advisor to roles in employee benefits that include sales to a director and currently services as an employee benefits consultant with National Insurance Services (NIS). Scott provides us with an inside view of insurance and how organizations like schools can reduce costs, maintain or improve benefits, and redirect more dollars to the classroom.