Rob Keller

Senior Regional Vice President

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein

Rob Keller learned early that advocating for his clients, along with candid, simple honesty, set him apart from others in the employee benefits field. Rob joined National Insurance Services of Wisconsin, Inc. (NIS) in 1990 as a Sales Representative, opening the Minnesota office in 1991. His strong leadership helped cultivate the region into NIS’ largest market today.

Rob currently serves as Senior Regional Vice President. While managing his team, he also works closely with 20 of NIS’s biggest groups in Minnesota, meets with new groups, participates in strategic planning, and maintains insurance carrier relationships. Rob is a licensed Insurance Representative specializing in life, disability, dental and medical insurance, as well as employer-sponsored 403(b) plans and HRAs for schools, cities, and counties in Minnesota, Nevada, and Oklahoma.