Bruce Miller

President and CEO

The more you give, the more you receive

Bruce Miller, President and CEO of National Insurance Services of Wisconsin, Inc. (NIS), believes in the old adage: the more you give, the more you receive. Bruce focuses all his energy and time on bringing value to those he serves: his clients, family, staff and community. Experience has taught Bruce to never stop seeking learning opportunities; yet, always choose to live with integrity based on altruistic principles.

Bruce entered the insurance industry as an agent while in college at Ball State University. During his career, he has worked for large and small insurance firms, as well as broker-driven and direct insurance companies. As both an individual agent and a group representative, Bruce gained experience with all types of insurance benefits from medical coverage to pensions.

Bruce enjoys leading NIS because the NIS principles and service model fit within his personal beliefs about providing value and giving back. As a public sector specialist, Bruce constantly pushes development of innovative solutions that help clients align the unique and complex benefit challenges with the hard-to-understand language and practices of insurance and investment products.