NJ School district considering money and energy-saving plan

The Middletown Township Public School District is considering an option that would save money, help the planet and provide a learning experience for students and the community.

At a late September school board meeting, the Middletown Board of Education heard proposals from an engineering firm that has proposed installing solar panels at six of the district's schools. School officials plan to vote on the proposal at an upcoming meeting.

The Monmouth County Improvement Authority has presented its public institutions with the possibility of saving on electricity costs and reducing environmental footprints by participating in its solar energy initiative.

The firm presenting the idea to the board would install and maintain the panels, and in a common arrangement for solar companies, would sell electricity back to the schools on which the panels sit. Approximately $42,000 would be saved per year on energy costs, according to The Independent.

"During that time period, essentially they’re lowering our electric bill every month and maintaining the equipment," said Vincent Brand, school board member. "Where is the downside to this?"

The consulting solar firm estimates that 13 percent of the school district's energy could be generated through installations at the six schools, which are located throughout the county.

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